For Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, our Senior School Deputy Head (Pastoral), Ollie Lloyd will be recommending helpful resources that both highlight the mental health challenges faced by teenagers today and provide guidance to support those caring for teenagers of the modern world.

We encourage you to have a read/watch/listen of these valuable sources of information.

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Day 1 – Teenagers and Social Media

I Am Ruth – Channel 4

‘I Am Ruth’ tells the story of Ruth, a working single mother, and Freya, her 17-year-old daughter. As Freya becomes more subdued, distant and antagonistic towards her mother, Ruth begins to suspect that her daughter is developing an unhealthy obsession with social media, but feels powerless to help.

Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety – Dr John Duffy

This guidebook helps parents navigate through their teens’ ever-increasingly complicated worlds of social media and an unprecedented stream of information.

Dr John Duffy – Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety – pages 33 – 47 focuses primarily on social media.

Day 2 – Anxiety Amongst Teenagers

Is Psychiatry Working?

In this special episode of ‘Is Psychiatry Working?’, a BBC Radio 4 programme that discusses the effectiveness, origin and future of mental health treatments, writer Horatio Clare and psychiatrist Femi Oyebode explore anxiety, a disorder that is on the rise amongst young people.

Is Psychiatry Working? – Anxiety – do listen to the whole 30 minute episode if you’re able to, however, from 13:30 is where the programme looks at the issue of anxiety amongst young people.


Day 3 –  Teenage School Difficulties

Teenage School Difficulties: How to Help

Teenage School Difficulties: How to Help, written by Joyce Nisbet and Jennie Guise, is a comprehensive, straightforward guide that sheds light on the issues and challenges commonly faced by children and young people on a daily basis.

This book also offers practical ways in which parents, carers, teachers and schools can help young people navigate these issues and challenges.

Teenage School Difficulties: How to Help

Day 4 – The Wellbeing Hub

Teen Tips – The Wellbeing Hub

We are very fortunate to be registered with Teen Tips, an online wellbeing hub that enables our whole school community to benefit from a wide range of resources and up-to-date professional advice and practice tools that aim to promote the social and emotional needs of young people.

Teen Tips – The Wellbeing Hub – this resource is free for all Framlingham College pupils, parents and staff.

Day 5 – The Final Instalment

Recommended resources from our Senior School Deputy Head (Pastoral)

For Framlingham College’s final instalment of helpful resources for Mental Health Awareness Week, our Senior School Deputy Head (Pastoral), Oliver Lloyd has collated a further selection of valuable online resources that will help schools, teachers and parents support their children throughout the issues and challenges they will face while growing up.

Anna Freud – Integrate Mental Health and Wellbeing Across Curriculum and Culture

Young Minds – Mental Health Training, Resources and Advice for Teachers

Mental Health – Make it Count: Guide for Teachers

Parent Talk: Tailored Parenting Support and Advice

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