Despite the freezing temperatures and snow flurries outside, there was plenty of warmth generated by the mathematicians battling in the fifth annual Year 8 and 9 Maths Team Challenge in the Rowley Hall at Framlingham College Prep School on Friday.

The morning began industriously; team-mates from the two school sites introduced themselves, made a team table flag and shield including their strengths and devised a team motto.

The friendly atmosphere became studiously competitive as the first round of the competition began; the ‘Grid Square’ investigation – a typical GCSE style question requiring reasoning, communication skills and a savvy distribution of tasks to complete everything within the time limit. Meanwhile, the Year 13 Maths A Level students who refereed each team – were thoroughly briefed by Mrs Ward, Mr Pirvu and Mrs Russell.

The second challenge demanded logic and strategy as the teams were pitted against a cross-number puzzle; Fibonacci, triangle numbers, palindromes and perfect numbers posed some discussion and gnashing of teeth! The penultimate round was a mini-relay of questions ping-ponged between partners in the same team – all against the clock.

After some brain-fuelling fish and chips for lunch, it was time for the finale. The grand relay involved dashing around the hall to fetch, solve and deliver questions to team mates. By the final countdown, all teams had given their all – mathematically and physically!

Mrs Russell was delighted to invite Mr Robin Sampson the Deputy Head of Framlingham College Prep School to present the prizes. It was a very hard fought contest and only 6 points separated the top three teams. The 2017 winners were Team 1: Jamie Goodhead and Matt Addison (Year 8) and Arthur O’Toole and Brodie Bloore ( Year 9).

In a bid to reward enthusiasm and determination, referees also nominated the following for a ‘teamwork reward’; Georgie Cantrell, Daniel Butler, Joe Cockle, Niall Pearson-Shaul, Freya Faulkner, Annabel Sheppard, Harry Williamson and Arthur O’Toole.

A huge well done to all those who took part in this fun and enriching event. It will be a difficult task for the regional final in March– we have a wealth of talented Mathematicians at Framlingham College!

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