Framlingham College is thrilled to announce that Marty Gionis, who left in 2019, has been shortlisted for the “Rising Star of the Year” category at the Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2020.

The “Rising Star of the Year”  award is given to a student currently being educated in a UK independent school or British International School, or who has recently left, who has achieved significant success in any aspect of their life and school career.  They may have overcome adversity or materially exceeded normal expectations for their background and age. This may, but not necessarily, include national or international success in a particular field or some other service or contribution which has had a quantifiably positive impact on their school and/or the wider community.

Marty is an exceptionally talented musician who joined Framlingham College for the Sixth Form with the help of a Pembroke Scholarship.

During his time in the Sixth Form, Marty took every musical opportunity that he possibly could and was always passionately interested in all aspects of the life of the music department.

He was a member of Aldeburgh Young Musicians (a Centre for Advanced Training) and joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

As soon as he joined in Year 12 he made an immediate impact on the life of the whole school. He displayed leadership in rehearsals and performances, and in the way he supported and tried to enthuse other musicians. His creative contributions to a wide range of musical events were incredibly imaginative and risky at times. But through perseverance and the most incredible work ethic, he was able to realise even the most virtuosic and mature performances. Playing two trumpets at once while being accompanied by his own videoed arrangement of himself playing every part in a big band arrangement (on every instrument) was inspirational, exciting and humbling at the same time.

Marty has left a legacy of creative minds that feel safe realising big ideas, and his gentle kind and extremely modest disposition are all facets of his character that pupils still aim to emulate. He showed our whole College community that anything is possible if you believe in your idea and are willing to work hard.

Marty studied A Level Music, Physics and French and got a distinction in Grade 8 Trombone while he was in the Sixth Form. He is now studying Jazz Trombone at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

Director of Music, Lucy Bloore, comments:  “Marty’s joyful and curious approach to Music has had a lasting impact on the College. His talent and technical ability are impressive, but his influence is about more than being a virtuoso performer whom others admire. Marty has a thirst for musical experience, and a creative approach that is inclusive and outward looking. He has inspired pupils to think creatively, and to find ways to achieve the sound or effect they want. This has been particularly evident during this year as he is not physically with us, but I can see students developing through a similar approach. He is quite extraordinary as a performer and a rounded musician, and he has helped us to break musical boundaries by achieving what seems to be impossible! We were lucky to have been part of Marty’s musical journey, and he should be proud of the legacy he has left behind. “

Framlingham College has an excellent musical pedigree and over the years has produced some exquisite classical singers, famous singer songwriters and award-winning composers.  Marty joins the list and we can’t wait to see what his future holds.

The Independent Schools of the Year Awards are judged by an independent panel of experts with the results being announced in October 2020.

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