By: Dr Ruth Noble, Head of Year 11

After the last couple of busy weeks when all Year 11 have been undertaking their Mock GCSEs, it was a special night when the whole of Year 11 were able to get together, relax and experience a taste of ‘Life in the Sixth Form’ at a social evening on Wednesday 6 February 2019. The evening started with everyone gathering together in our café, with the chance to relax and enjoy pizza, and doughnuts supplied by our fantastic catering department.

That was followed by the Year 11 taking over our Sixth Form centre with a welcome to the Centre from Mr David Boatman, Head of the Sixth Form. His welcome was followed by the opportunity for Year 11 to listen to students already in the Sixth Form explaining how life in the Sixth Form works and what students can expect. Joe Lipman, Y13, was able to explain to the Year 11 all the new opportunities that are open to them with the addition of new students into the Sixth Form and how studying fewer subjects of your choice is able to give a different way of working. He was followed by Sam Tomlinson, Y13, who spoke about life after the Sixth Form and preparing early for the next steps such as planning a Gap Year, University, Apprenticeships and Internships. Alex Gordon, Y13, then talked about his role on the Entertainments Committee and encouraged everyone to think about volunteering to be part of the organisation of the Sixth Form by joining committees such as the Entertainments Committee and lastly, Millie Crewe, Y12, spoke about making that transition from Year 11 to the Sixth Form and gave tips and advice as to how to do that successfully.

We could then hear James Cowell, Y12,  leading the disco downstairs, ably supported by Kodie Holloway and Jake Mermegan, Y12, and everyone made their way back down to the café to enjoy the chance to dance, catch up with friends and enjoy a taste of the Sixth Form to come.

These kind of events take a lot of organisation, with many people helping ensure that the whole of Year 11 enjoyed this taster. A special thank you needs to go to Elin Egger and Mike Milne, for helping staff the event, and to everyone who helped set this up for Year 11. So it was especially nice to have the chance to speak to lots of students throughout the evening who all expressed how much they were enjoying the event and how much they were looking forward to their Sixth Form….so roll on September – just the small matter of the GCSEs to get through first! 

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