Written by: Bruce Wilson – Co-Curricular Deputy Head, Framlingham College Prep School

On Monday 17th September Year 6 travelled down to Windsor for the annual Computing trip to Legoland. We were blessed with amazing weather, which made the day even more enjoyable. The day started with a tour round the Star Wars exhibit and a sneak glimpse into the Legoland model building workroom! After this the year group split in two and, whilst half went off to explore Miniland, the others headed to the Education Centre for a workshop.

FCPS legoland

During the workshop the children undertook a range of investigations covering key Computing topics such as algorithms, repetition in programs, debugging & inputs and outputs. The WeDo robots were great fun to program and are an excellent precursor to the work the children will be doing in class. Miniland is one of my favourite areas of the park, however this year it went to new heights with a brand new area depicting American landmarks. With features including an 8 foot Statue of Liberty, a ten foot wide Golden Gate bridge and a section covering many of the US College sports all built out of lego – I could have spent the day just looking at this! After lunch we explored the rest of the park and in between the thrills and shrills of the rides, we did manage to find a lot of examples of computers control systems such as entry, safety and animations. The children will have slept well that night but it was one of the best trips to Windsor we have had in a long time.

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