By: James Loveridge – Head of Junior Prep, FCPS  |  

Children across Junior Prep enjoyed some friendly, yet highly competitive, Inter-House rivalry as their general knowledge quiz teams were pitted against each other in front of their respective supporters. Teams of 4 were picked using results from the individual house quiz, which took place earlier in the year, with the top child from each year within each house being selected.

Teams were then questioned on topics ranging from ‘Science & Nature’ to ‘Famous People’. The ‘Picture Round’ and ‘Guess the Sound Round’ proved as popular as ever, whilst the ‘Fram Prep’ and ‘Brain Buster’ rounds also got them thinking…

There were also tactical devices such as ‘Ask the House’ and ‘Phone a Teacher’. The ‘Joker’ was also played on a round of their choosing in order to score double points.

‘Time Teasers’ allowed the scorers a chance to catch up, whilst members of each House’s support volunteered to compete in tasks such as having to list as many countries beginning with D, and ‘Who can spell the school’s full name backwards quickest?’ These were followed by score updates which helped keep tension levels high.

The lead changed hands throughout the quiz and in the end, only a handful of points separated all four Houses. However, final bragging rights went to the Red House team, which was led by Rosanna Johnson (Y6), but also ably supported by Monty Norris (Y5), William Hazelgrove (Y4) and Archie Bloore (Y3), who all played a vital role too.

Thanks to all the staff and children for helping to make it such a fun event. Who will make the teams next year?

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