To celebrate International Languages Day 2021, which took place in late September, our Prep school pupils were treated to a special assembly whereby international pupils at the Prep school gave performances and spoke in their native tongue. Senior school pupils also attended the assembly and spoke to the younger pupils about why they loved learning languages themselves. The first-hand insight from our international pupils gave others exceptional insight into life in other places and specifically reinforces our school-wide commitment to developing global citizens.

Head of Languages at the Prep school, Dominic Wade, said: “The assembly was a celebration of our community as global citizens. Ten pupils from different countries around the world including Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Canada and Hong Kong represented their country and performed in their native language in a performance called ‘Les voyages de Charlie’.

We raised funds for other less fortunate communities by supporting La Vida, a charity that aids schools in South America.”

At lunchtime, up at the Senior school, Paul’s Court café was transformed into a fete and decorated with French and Spanish flags as pupils mingled and took part in games which were structured around European languages. Spanish Ambassador for the School, Year 13 Carmen Kardan said: “It’s such a useful thing to know another language. It can open so many doors for you in your career. It’s also brilliant to have so many different pupils from different age groups coming here and participating in games and activities they know but in a language that might be new to them. That exposure to new languages is how you learn.”

The kitchen team were involved with the celebrations too as dishes from around the world were served for lunch, including Chicken Jambalaya, Coq au Vin and sweet potato curry.

Director of College Languages, Juan Sedeno, said: “Language learning brings benefits to young and old: you are never too old or too young to learn a language and to enjoy the opportunities it brings! Even if you only know a few words of the language of the country that you visit you will reap the rewards in so many ways. It was a key objective of the day to make our students aware that they are world citizens by celebrating the richness of linguistic diversity.”

Our Prep school teachers went all out to play their part in the international celebrations by dressing up in outfits which are traditionally associated with other countries. The day was one of unquestionable jubilation as pupils enjoyed learning about other countries, traditions and cuisine in a fun and engaging way.

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