Our first Saturday saw the start of our iCan programme with Fram Prep pupils from Year 2 to 6 joining in with a variety of activities.

We started in the morning with either icanExplore with Miss de Podesta which involved the children embodying their leprechaun names, designing twig framed nature images, hut building for little creatures and creating leaf rubbings. Lots of fun in our outdoor learning area. Our older Year 5 & 6 pupils were involved in an Aspire Maths workshop which saw a dozen intrepid young mathematicians take up the ‘Escape Rooms Maths Challenge’. Their mission was to work out clues to crack various codes and escape from school in the time allocated. Needless to say they all made it home again and had fun running around the school site for puzzles and working with their friends.

After a delicious snack of iced buns the children separated into groups with some of the older ones heading out with Mrs Moon to the outdoor learning area to do Forest School which involved making a fire, using hand tools and generally romping around out of the back at Brandeston. Others joined Miss Thompson and Mr Lenton in the art room, with Mr Lenton’s small group of students looking at different representations of the green man either in watercolour and then sculpting clay. Miss Thomson’s Chill Out club worked on various arts & crafts projects.

This Saturday we have our Aspire Science Lighthouse Keeper challenge as well as icanExplore, Forest School, Chill out club and Inspire Suffolk Football and Collegiate Netball club starting up again.

For more information or to book a place, please email Elaine Cogdell ecogdell@framlinghamcollege.co.uk


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