GCSE Spanish pupils were recently treated to the inspiring story of translator Kate Jetmore, who gave a passionate account of how love and language led to a significant career transformation.

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The collection of Year 10 and 11 pupils listened as Kate told how she went from Broadway singer & actress to teacher, celebrant, life coach, voice-over artist, writer and translator, all as a result of meeting her Spanish partner whilst on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

Love blossomed between Kate and her partner, and soon after they met she made the bold decision to move to Spain where she has now lived for 21 years.

Embracing this new chapter in her life, Kate immersed herself in the Spanish language and culture. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, her determination and love for her partner propelled her forward. As she grew more proficient in Spanish, she discovered a newfound passion for languages and translation.

Drawing on her background and her experience as an actress, she began working as a cultural consultant and translator for film and TV productions such as Spanish TV series “Los hombres de Paco”. Her unique perspective as an American living in Spain has allowed Kate to bring a fresh, nuanced understanding to her translation work which led her to create The Listen Podcast | exploring the subtleties of culture and compassion in every conversation.

During her talk, Kate emphasized the importance of communication in bridging cultural gaps and forging connections. She shared valuable insights about embracing change, reiterating the importance of being open to new experiences, learning from different cultures, and finding one’s purpose in life. She relayed her life journey with warmth, humour, and wisdom, captivating the audience with her tale of resilience and self-discovery and inspiring pupils with ideas of what a career with modern languages can look like.

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