‘Pandemonium’ broke out on Framlingham College’s stage last week as Pandora fatefully set Zeus’ plan, to spice up life on Earth, in motion.

In a fit of rage and boredom, Zeus targets the wedding of Epimethius and Pandora. He sends Pandora a beautifully ornate box with a few nasty ‘Evils’ such as: Greed, Curiosity, Pestilence and Doubt, hidden inside. Pandora in her naivety, having only just been created, opens the box and lets the evils loose on her wedding guests, before fleeing the scene, unsure of what she has witnessed.

Each Evil picks its victim, for example: Vanity feeds on Narcissus, whilst Doubt haunts Orpheus. It is up to Eros, Epimethius and the Greek Heroes (Odysseus, Theseus and Perseus- the Charlie’s Angels of the play) to lead the guests on a hunt for Pandora and the box, through Daedalus’ famous labyrinth! In the meantime, Zeus begins to regret the decision he has made and seeks out Pandora himself, intent on getting the box back. His sassy wife Hera believes Zeus is up to his old philandering ways and she too joins the hunt- intent on capturing and punishing Pandora. Finally, Zeus resorts to seeking the help of his machiavellian brother Hades, God of the Underworld. Yet all is not lost as Hope too has found its way into the box!.

A convoluted and challenging plot for sure but one that did not phase Framlingham College Prep’s senior cast of pupils from Year 7 and 8. Greek mythology came to life at the Headmaster’s Porter Theatre through the confident and colourful portrayal of well-loved Greek protagonists and a strong and talented chorus. The story was told through exciting songs such as the disco number ‘Gold fever’, the jazz, soul number ‘Swing’ and the gospel rendition of ‘Keep the Faith’; through movement and physical theatre and through dramatic dance sequences, such as the ‘it takes two to tango tango’.

Not only did the cast have the challenge of explaining this complex plot, they also faced a flu that tried its best to stop the show (one wonders what was really hiding in that box). However, a resilient and determined cast pushed on through adversity and learnt the true meaning of ‘the show must go on.’ The show not only went on…it blossomed and audiences left the theatre elated and wiser in their understanding of the Greek myths. A fabulous effort by all and a show that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Framlingham College Prep School Head of Drama, Kirsty Stark, said, “It is a privilege to work with such dedicated, inspiring and talented pupils. The production team is extremely proud of everyone who took part: those children who chose to be on the stage, to those managing behind the scenes and also those learning new skills in the technical box. Well done team and thank you!”

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