While for many, Christmas is a time of relaxation, good food and festivities, for Old Framlinghamian, Kate Abery, and two university friends, it’s the time to dress up as a carrot and run 5km every day to raise money for those most in need.

Kate is currently a geography student at Newcastle University and has found that the pandemic has made gaining regular exercise, and even finding reasons to leave the house, much more difficult. After learning about the strain the pandemic has put upon an invaluable Newcastle food bank and researching how much the community around their University is reliant upon foodbanks, she and two of her classmates teamed up to take action. They decided that in the run up to Christmas they would run 5km every day, from 25th October until 25th December, in carrot costumes.

The trio have gained a huge following, featuring on national BBC News and the Newcastle Chronicle as well as updating their hugely popular Instagram page with daily updates. The three friends have raised more than £4,000, which is well above their target, and will be donating the money they raise to Newcastle West End foodbank, which relies on charity donations and supports people in one of the most deprived areas of the country.

Kate commented: “My housemates said they really wanted to do a challenge. So, we just had a brainstorm about local causes we could raise money for, and we found a local foodbank which really needed support. We spoke to them about it and they’ve been really helpful.

“I have enjoyed being creative and thinking of good places to run which will make a good photo. We have used it to explore Newcastle, we have been to the Angel of the North and the beach. It is just so nice to have a reason to go out every day and it makes you feel so much better.

“I think our campaign has got so much attention for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because of Coronavirus – people are looking for some good news. But also, because we’re really having fun with what we’re doing – raising money. We have had so many donations from people we have never met. People have been so kind.”

Follow their progress on their dedicated Instagram page – Click here.

The girls are also extremely grateful for donations of any amount, which can be made online at by clicking here.

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