Wednesday was another really good afternoon of sport!

Whilst results were mixed, there were some exceptional performances and efforts by our pupils.  From the closeness of the results v LPatTH and Town Close, the performances of the U10Bs and Cs, the efforts of the girls 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths-who all played a team up, the U9 netballers, including the As who played incredibly well, Bs who stepped in at the last moment and played in an A Tournament and the Cs who recorded a super win, to the U12As and B rugby teams who recorded super wins at Felsted, it really was a super afternoon.

Thanks must go also to everyone involved in the U11 Hockey Tournament hosted by us at Framlingham College.  It was a huge success. One school described it as “the highlight of our sporting calendar.”

U12 Rugby

FCPS U13A v Felsted Prep Lost 10-40
FCPS U13B v Felsted Prep 0- 45
FCPS U12A v Felsted Prep Won 60-15
FCPS U12B Felsted Prep Won 30-20
FCPS U11A v Langley Prep Lost 20-40
FCPS U11B v Langley Prep Drew 15-15
FCPS U10A v Langley Prep Lost 10-20
FCPS U10B v Langley Prep Won 35-30
FCPS U10C v Town Close U10B/C Lost 55-60

Boys’ Hockey
FCPS U9A v Orwell Park Won 2-0
FCPS U9B Orwell Park Won 2-0
FCPS U9C Orwell Park Drew 1-1
FCPS U9D Orwell Park Lost 0-3

Girls’ Hockey
FCPS 1sts v Gresham’s Prep Won 6-1
FCPS 2nds v Langley Prep 1sts Lost 0-3
FCPS 3rds v Langley Prep 2nd Lost 0-2
FCPS 4ths v Langley Prep 3rds Won 2-0
FCPS 5ths v Langley Prep 4ths Won 3-0
FCPS 6ths v Gresham’s Prep 5ths Lost 1-3

U11A Girls Tournament at FC:
Lost 3-0 to LPatTH
Won 4-0 vs Barnadiston
Won 5-0 vs South Lee
Lost 1-0 vs Beeston in the ¼ final
Lost 3-0 vs Perse Prep in the ⅝ playoff
Finished =7 out of 15

FCPS U11B Drew 0-0 with Orwell Park and Won 1-0 South Lee.

U11C at Orwell Park Tournament
FCPS U11C Lost 1 v 2 Holmwood House
FCPS U11C Drew 0 v 0 OBH U11B
FCPS U11C Lost 0 v 1 Orwell Park U11C

U11D at Orwell Park Tournament
FCPS U11 D v Finborough U11C Lost 0-1
FCPS U11D v Littlegarth U11D Lost 0-1
FCPS U11D v Orwell Park U11D Drew 0-0

U9A and B at Orwell Park Tournament
FCPS U9A v Finborough Won 2-1
FCPS U9A v Orwell Park B Won 2-0
FCPS U9A v Holmwood House Drew 0-0
FCPS U9A v Barnardiston Hall in Semis and Lost 2-1
FCPS U9A v Holmwood House in Play-offs and Won 1-0
3rd overall out of 8 teams.

FCPS U9B v Orwell Park A Lost 7-0
FCPS U9B v Barnardiston Hall A Lost 6-0
FCPS U9B v South Lee A Lost 2-0
Plate  Play-off
FCPS U9B v Finborough A Lost 3-0
FCPS U9B v Orwell Park B Won 2-1

FCPS U9C v Orwell Park Won 3-2

U9B Netball

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