Another great set of fixtures against a variety of different schools.  Great honour for the Girls’ 1st team to take to the hallowed ground of the Back at the College and for the U11A Girls to play on the 1st XI cricket pitch at FCPS.  21 teams out in action.
Girls Results
Girls 1sts Cricket v South Lee Won by 6 Wickets (SL 65 ao, FCPS 65-6)
Girls 2nds Cricket v Town Close 1sts Lost by 48 Runs (FCPS 82 – Town Close 130)
Girls 3rds Cricket v Town Close 2nds Lost by 2 runs (FCPS 279- Town Close 281)
Girls 4ths Cricket v Town Close 3rds Won by 23 runs (FCPS 265 – Town Close 242)
Girls U11A Cricket v South Lee Won by 86 runs (FCPS 314-SL 228). I. Prince and B. Gardens scored 54 off 16 balls as a pair.
Girls U11B Cricket v South Lee Won by 131 runs (SL 238 FCPS 369)
Girls U11C Cricket v Fairstead House A Won by 47 runs (FCPS 217 -FH 170)Girls U9A v South Lee Won by 62 Runs (FCPS 192 SL 130)
Girls U9B v South Lee Won by 43 Runs  (FCPS 198 to SL 155)
Girls U9C Brooke’s Cambridge A Won by 37 runs (FCPS 268 – BC 231)
Boys Results
Boys 1sts v LPatTH Lost by 89 Runs (LPatTH 153-4 FCPS 64)
Boys 2nds v LPatTH Lost 30 Runs (LPatTH 187-7 FCPS 157ao)
Boys 3rds v South Lee 1sts Won by 4 wickets (SL 61-FCPS 62-6) (F.Bloore 23*)
Boys 4ths v Town Close House 3rds Won by 37 runs (FCPS 137 – Town Close 100) (W. Singleton 30)
Boys 5ths v TMHS U13A Lost by 61 runs (TMHS 139-2 FCPS 78-7)
Boys U11A v South Lee Lost by 45 Runs (SL 150-4 FCPS 105-9)
Boys U11B v South Lee won by 4 wickets (SL 115 – FCPS 116)
Boys U11C v Fairstead House A Lost by 6 Runs (FCPS 290 FH 296)Boys U9A v South Lee Lost by 17 runs (South Lee -317 FCPS 300)
Boys U9B v South Lee Won by 29 runs. (FCPS 300-10 SL 271-7)
Boys U9C v Brooke’s Cambridge A Lost by 46 runs (FCPS 291 – BC 337)
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