Amelia Schroeter and Zaylie Mills attended The McWhirter Conference at Trinity College, Oxford on the 13th and 14th March. The conference was set up to inspire young people to debate topical issues and to think about their future role in society.  This year the theme was ‘Economic Wealth = Social Wellbeing?’

Here is their account of the conference.

The McWhirter conference was such a fantastic experience because we both felt as though we were being challenged and stimulated intellectually. There was a wide variety of talks offered and much fun and heated debated off the back of them. Despite everyone’s differing positions on the political spectrum, we all put aside our opinions and formed some really great friendships which we hope will continue into the future. We stayed on the beautiful Trinity College campus with beautiful rooms and equally fantastic food! We were able to use our free time to explore the rest of Oxford and in the evening there was a formal dinner to celebrate the academic achievements of the two days. The experience truly opened our eyes to the type of educational environments suited to us found at Oxbridge and has really spurred us on in applying.

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