On Thursday 15th June a group of gifted art students from Year 9 to Year 12 were given the opportunity to meet four of the artists that are part of the Suffolk Open Studios, Framlingham Trail.

With each artist they learned about how they make their work, why they make their work, the journey they had to get there and all students made something practical with the artists using the medium suitable to each artist. With Jayne Stansfield they learned about how she uses wool and weaves her creations. At Jillifar Amor’s they learned how to make textural work using tissue and other mediums. The illustrator Lorette E Roberts showed them her beautiful books and demonstrated to them what you can do if you find yourself out and about without a sketchbook. At Clare Gaylard’s studio they challenged the artist to make original glass pieces out of whatever they were inspired by around her studio. We are very grateful to the artists for giving up their time and being so inspirational.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we were lucky to be able to share these artist’s spaces with them, even for just a brief time.


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