A talented group of Framlingham College Business Studies pupils have won BOSS UK 2024, taking first place out of 56 other schools in the competition.

The team of three, Freddie P, James H and Jasper R, have their sights set on becoming successful entrepreneurs, after winning the virtual competition with their innovative travel agency business.

Organised by REVAS Business Simulation Games and sponsored by Oxford Business School, BOSS is a competition for UK schools to help students develop business skills and experience a career as an entrepreneur.

A total of 69 teams consisting of 207 students from 56 UK schools took park, but it was our incredible pupils, with their ‘Castle Tours’ who took first place.

As part of the competition, students were tasked to manage and make realistic business decisions for a virtual travel agency for four weeks – elements included choosing their product offerings, hiring employees, making investments, advertising and pricing.

Talking about their business pitch, Freddie said: “Our initial business idea was to create a high-quality product at a premium price. Additionally, we also wanted to ensure that our employees were well paid, with positive team moral and had excellent company facilities. Our strategy was to not only make a profit, but to ensure customer and employee satisfaction was high – an element which was a large part of the way the competition was scored.”

Phillip Stone, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Oxford Business College and sponsor of the competition, presenting the team with their award.

Talking about their reaction to winning, Jasper said: “We had been ranking highly and consistently throughout the competition, so we knew we could be in the running for a top spot, but it was too close to call towards the end. The final result showed that we won by 0.01 of a point difference. We are all naturally competitive as aspiring business students, but above all we were determined and motivated to do well in such an important national competition.”

Bill Bethell, teacher of Business and Economics at Framlingham College said: “We are all incredibly proud and very happy for the boy’s well deserved win. They all really engaged with the competition and looked forward to every Monday when the results for each round and the national rankings were released.

“The team showcased strong organisational skills and had a clear strategy and priorities, which really helped when it came down to making important business decisions together. The trio not only found an effective method of working together as a group but were also able to delegate tasks to create a strong team cohesion and therefore well-deserved success.”

As winners, the team was presented with a medal each, a team trophy and £600 in vouchers.

Ela Szczepaniak, REVAS co-founder and managing director, presenting the team with their award.

Highlighting how the competition, and business studies, have helped develop new skills, James said: “The competition has required a lot of teamwork, data analysing and quick decision making – all skills which we have been able to refine and take with us beyond the classroom. Looking ahead, we are all currently study BTEC Business Diploma, and as we head into Year 13 we all hope to go on to study a business degree at University.”

Mr Bethell added: “Having the opportunity to take part in competitions like BOSS UK allows pupils to apply the skills and knowledge learnt in lessons in a practical way with real-world scenarios. one key feature of the virtual simulation by REVAS is that other team’s actions can impact your results, so learning and understand how to react and respond to a changing competitive environment is a very important skill to hone.”

Ela Szczepaniak, REVAS co-founder and managing director, said:You can’t learn business by only reading a book about it, and with our BOSS UK Competition, students can gain valuable theoretical background in all aspects of business. Having this experience in a risk-free online environment allows students to experiment, learn freely, become inspired and help them realize if running their own business is a good option for their future.”

Phillip Stone, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Oxford Business College, said: “Oxford Business College is proud to sponsor and promote this entrepreneurial competition. All the students involved have shown enthusiasm and dedication, honing their business skills. This competition provided valuable hands-on experience, preparing students to be future leaders in the business world. The students’ success is a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

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