Brynn Bayman, Rev B, is another pillar of our Pastoral Care team at Framlingham College. This week he has been made an Honorary Canon – a significant recognition of his dedication.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral, as lead by Bishop Martin, collated eight Honorary Canons into the Cathedral as part of the wider Chapter and College of Canons. Rev Brynn Bayman was installed in the seat of St Fursa, with a special focus on Education for young people. It is usually awarded in recognition of long and dedicated service to the diocese.

We have not heard of a School Chaplain being Canonized before and this reflects our Bishop’s sense of the value we as a school play in the wider work of the Church and Suffolk Community. He has a very high regard for all that Framlingham College is doing.

Rev Bayman said, “All that we do is to foster kindness in our community, spark a search for the meaning of life and to feed off the company of others. I am most definitely NOT interested in titles, but was, will and always will be there to support, encourage and inspire our pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.”

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