By: Ruth Steggles – Head of Pre Prep, Framlingham College Prep School

The Pre Prep children from Framlingham College Prep School had a very special visitor last week.  The older sister of one of the children has just had her first book published and she offered to come in and read the story to the children and then answer questions.

Rachel Jane read her children’s novel ‘Mylo went to the Seaside’ about a campervan called Mylo who went on his first trip to the seaside. She then allowed the children to ask her lots of questions, including: Where do you write? Where do your ideas come from? How long did it take? Did you get advice from anyone? Rachel explained that she has always loved writing and wanted to write a story for children. She got the idea for writing about the adventures of a group of camper vans from her Mum who owns a fleet of vans for hire. The children asked how she turned the ideas into a story and Rachel explained she uses a mind map, they enjoyed hearing about the characters of the other camper vans and the adventures they will have in future books Some of the audience even made their own suggestions for possible adventures. The teachers were thrilled that Rachel talked about the importance of editing and how long it can take!  She also talked about how important it is to be brave and to ask for help and advice from others.  The very lucky children were then given their own copy of the book by Rachel.

We would really like to thank Rachel for coming in and sharing her book with us and providing the children with an opportunity to see a potential for their own writing.

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