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Year 12 Leadership Training

Monday 17 Jun 2019
- Fc leadership3 - Year 12 Leadership Training

Year 13 play an integral part in the leadership of the school community.  They need to be effective communicators, act as good role models, support and encourage fellow students, assist staff and organise events.

With this in mind, next year’s Year 13s had a leadership training morning on Thursday 13th June.  It included a series of problem solving  team bonding exercises put on by members of staff from the College’s CCF and Fram Rangers, ably co-ordinated by Mr Myers-Allen.  They had to support and encourage one another as they undertook activities such as crossing minefields, herding sheep and pitching a tent despite being frost bitten and snow blind.

This was supported by House based workshops during which they identified their roles and responsibilities before discussing the personal qualities and skills they will need to be successful leaders. Through the use of scenarios, they were required to consider how best to respond to a variety of situations that they may be faced with in the course of next year. Within small teams everyone played their part and provided carefully considered responses to every situation. They understand that leadership can take many forms and are equipped to take things forward this September.

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