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USA Colleges Open Day in London

Friday 6 Oct 2017

By: Philip Lewellen, Year 12

Eleven Year 12 Framlingham students attended a fair for UK students last Friday, to get a flavour for US Universities and to see that they are not as out of reach as some might think.

The open day was based in a large hall that, although did look quite intimidating when we first walked in, was actually quite welcoming. Although there were queues to some of The Ivy Leagues, most university stands were not that crowded so you could have a chat and get a flavour of what university life is like in the US. And even at very large universities like Harvard, the delegates on the stands were very interested to talk to you and were very welcoming and supportive. It was a terrific and valuable experience which will have me seriously looking forward to considering study at American University next year.



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