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Sixth Form Photographers & Fine Artists to London

Thursday 27 Sep 2018
Fine Arts to London

On Wednesday 19th September the Sixth Form photographers from Year 12 and 13 accompanied by Year 13 fine artists travelled to London.

Our first stop, for the photographers, was the National Maritime Museum for the “Great British Seaside” in which the seminal work of Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones, David Hurne is joined by relative newcomer Simon Roberts. The work on display is brought to life by revealing the contact sheets of the images before the photographer chose the images to be enlarged and made famous. It was a useful insight for all to see the creative thinking behind these famous compositions.

The photographers travelled along the Thames from Greenwich to the Tate Modern, by boat, snapping the buildings on a beautiful sunny day, along the way.

The superb “Shape of Light” exhibition at the Tate Modern inspired many with the abstract photography inspired by painting and sculpture throughout art history. From here the stroll across the Millennium bridge enabled many to take photographs of the building and Thames as we walked towards the Museum of London for the “London nights” exhibition which dazzled, inspired and amused in equal measures.

Meanwhile the four Year 13 Fine Artists devised their own itineraries for the day and were able to enjoy work at the Victoria and Albert, Royal Academy, National Gallery as well as the National Portrait Gallery. They enjoyed the sights of London around Trafalgar Square as well, admiring the orange lion and the fourth plinth.


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