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Latest Academic Scholars’ lecture sees students digging into the past

Tuesday 3 Mar 2020

John Brassey; detectorist, entrepreneur and writer, gave a splendid talk about metal detecting and heritage this week.

John has detected for over 20 years and has found many fascinating items. His talk debunked some of the myths around detecting, made a strong case for the cultural benefits of metal detecting and explained some of the practical, legal and technical aspects around detectorists’ activities. There was time for students to explore some of his fascinating items – John was able to display some of his finds – although the gold Roman earring which remains one of his finest is, alas, ensconced in the Penrith Museum. A quick identification competition at the end was won by Cally from Year 11. A splendid evening which gave many of our academic pupils a window into a new world – and the past and our thanks go to John for being our guest.


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