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Kathmandu: Sam Crimp and Henry Dunham visit Framlingham College Prep School

Wednesday 20 Sep 2017

On Tuesday 19th September, Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp, both Old Framlinghamians, visited Framlingham College Prep School to talk to pupils about their ten month, 6,000 mile walk from Suffolk to Kathmandu.

They gave age appropriate presentations to pupils from Reception to Year 8, entertaining them with stories of their adventures but also emphasising how important the help they were offered, by complete strangers in every country, was in making their trek possible. They shared great pictures and videos of encounters with snakes, elephants and sacred, decorated cows as well as the hospitality they received from a shepherd in the middle of a Romanian mountain range in a thunderstorm, which included eating sheep brain soup!

Pre-prep enjoyed looking at the hammock and shelter they slept under and trying to carry their very heavy rucksack and everyone was disgusted by how dirty the water was after washing their clothes that had been worn continuously for 8 days! At the end of the morning the Heads of School presented Henry and Sam with a cheque for £556 for Annie’s Challenge charity, which was the result of donations from the Colourful Clothes Day held the previous week.


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