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Framlingham’s Year 9s placed 8th in the country for Wordmania competition

Friday 1 Dec 2017

By: Leo Goldsmith, Head of English.

After winning through in two previous rounds, the collective efforts of Framlingham College Year 9s meant that they were placed 8th in the country and 18th in the world for Literacy Planet’s Wordmania competition.

Over the last few weeks, our Year 9 students have been avidly honing their skills at ‘Wordmania’, a challenging ‘Boggle’-style online game which involves the quickfire creation of words from a randomly generated set of letters – and with a 3 minute time limit. Our students competed brilliantly and reached the international final stage where we eventually came in the top 20. Top scorers were Rebecca Yardy, Harvey Williams (both pictured) and Felix Rolland-McLean but the collective effort was also very impressive.


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