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FCPS Sports Results – 26th September 2018

Friday 28 Sep 2018
hockey results

Wednesday was another really good afternoon of sport!

Whilst results were mixed, there were some exceptional performances and efforts by our pupils.  From the closeness of the results v LPatTH and Town Close, the performances of the U10Bs and Cs, the efforts of the girls 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths-who all played a team up, the U9 netballers, including the As who played incredibly well, Bs who stepped in at the last moment and played in an A Tournament and the Cs who recorded a super win, to the U12As and B rugby teams who recorded super wins at Felsted, it really was a super afternoon.

Thanks must go also to everyone involved in the U11 Hockey Tournament hosted by us at Framlingham College.  It was a huge success. One school described it as “the highlight of our sporting calendar.”

U12 Rugby

FCPS U13A v Felsted Prep Lost 10-40
FCPS U13B v Felsted Prep 0- 45
FCPS U12A v Felsted Prep Won 60-15
FCPS U12B Felsted Prep Won 30-20
FCPS U11A v Langley Prep Lost 20-40
FCPS U11B v Langley Prep Drew 15-15
FCPS U10A v Langley Prep Lost 10-20
FCPS U10B v Langley Prep Won 35-30
FCPS U10C v Town Close U10B/C Lost 55-60

Boys’ Hockey
FCPS U9A v Orwell Park Won 2-0
FCPS U9B Orwell Park Won 2-0
FCPS U9C Orwell Park Drew 1-1
FCPS U9D Orwell Park Lost 0-3

Girls’ Hockey
FCPS 1sts v Gresham’s Prep Won 6-1
FCPS 2nds v Langley Prep 1sts Lost 0-3
FCPS 3rds v Langley Prep 2nd Lost 0-2
FCPS 4ths v Langley Prep 3rds Won 2-0
FCPS 5ths v Langley Prep 4ths Won 3-0
FCPS 6ths v Gresham’s Prep 5ths Lost 1-3

U11A Girls Tournament at FC:
Lost 3-0 to LPatTH
Won 4-0 vs Barnadiston
Won 5-0 vs South Lee
Lost 1-0 vs Beeston in the ¼ final
Lost 3-0 vs Perse Prep in the ⅝ playoff
Finished =7 out of 15

FCPS U11B Drew 0-0 with Orwell Park and Won 1-0 South Lee.

U11C at Orwell Park Tournament
FCPS U11C Lost 1 v 2 Holmwood House
FCPS U11C Drew 0 v 0 OBH U11B
FCPS U11C Lost 0 v 1 Orwell Park U11C

U11D at Orwell Park Tournament
FCPS U11 D v Finborough U11C Lost 0-1
FCPS U11D v Littlegarth U11D Lost 0-1
FCPS U11D v Orwell Park U11D Drew 0-0

U9A and B at Orwell Park Tournament
FCPS U9A v Finborough Won 2-1
FCPS U9A v Orwell Park B Won 2-0
FCPS U9A v Holmwood House Drew 0-0
FCPS U9A v Barnardiston Hall in Semis and Lost 2-1
FCPS U9A v Holmwood House in Play-offs and Won 1-0
3rd overall out of 8 teams.

FCPS U9B v Orwell Park A Lost 7-0
FCPS U9B v Barnardiston Hall A Lost 6-0
FCPS U9B v South Lee A Lost 2-0
Plate  Play-off
FCPS U9B v Finborough A Lost 3-0
FCPS U9B v Orwell Park B Won 2-1

FCPS U9C v Orwell Park Won 3-2

U9B Netball


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