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FCPS Sports Results – 21st November

Thursday 22 Nov 2018
FCPS Rugby

This week’s results:
Every Fixture, Every Week, Everyone (except for the Senior Production)

U11A Rugby v Littlegarth Lost 15-10
U11B Rugby v Littlegarth Lost 25-20
U10A Rugby v Littlegarth U10A Lost 20-10
U10B Rugby v Littlegarth U10B Lost 15-30
U10B Rugby v Littlegarth U10C Won 25-10
U10C Rugby v Gosfield U10A/B Lost 10-50

Boys’ Hockey
U9A Boys’ Hockey won the Framlingham Tournament
Barnardiston Hall Won 5-0
South Lee Drew 2-2
Orwell Park Won 2-0
OBH Won 1-0

U9B Boys’ Hockey won the Framlingham Tournament
OBH Won 5-0
Orwell Park Won 4-0

U9C Boys’ Hockey v Orwell Park Won 2-0
U9D Boys’ Hockey v Orwell Park Drew 1-1

Girls’ Hockey
U11A Girls at IAPS National Finals
v Hoe Bridge Lost 0-1
v Kent’s Hill Drew 1-1
v King’s College Cambs Won 1-0
v Fairfield Lost 1-0
v Ashford Lost 0-2

Girls’ U11B Hockey v Ipswich High U11A Lost 0-2
Girls’ U11C Hockey v Ipswich High U11B Lost 0-1
Girls’ U11D Hockey v Ipswich High U11C Lost 0-2

U9A Netball v Orwell Park Lost 7-5
U9B Netball v Orwell Park Won 2-1
U9C Netball v Orwell Park Drew 2-2


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