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FCPS Cricket Results – 6th June

Thursday 7 Jun 2018
U9A Girls Tournament winners

A beautiful, busy afternoon of fixtures with every boy and girl in Years 3-8 playing for the school.  Some great cricket on display with some truly impressive results from the Boys 1st XI and 4th XI and the Girls 2nds, U11As and Bs.

Congratulations to the U9A Girls on winning the Orwell Park Tournament and to the U12 Boys who have qualified for the County Finals with a solid win against Woodbridge earlier in the week.

Girls 1st XI v RHS: Won by 32 runs (FCPS 128-6, RHS 98-8)
Girls 2nd XI v RHS: Won by 132 runs (RHS -10 v FCPS 142)(E. Newton 3 for 9)
Girls 3rd XI v Riddlesworth Hall 1sts: Won by 52 runs (FCPS 268 – 216 RH)

Girls U11 As v Town Close: Won by 114 runs (FCPS 348-234 TC)(M. Marvell and M. Bailie partnership of 30, B. Gardens and I. Prince partnership of 56, A Bull (4 for 4) and H. Wild (4 for 6))
Girls U11B v Town Close: Won by 114 runs (FCPS 359 -TC 245) (F. Collins and T. Wilson partnership of 52)
Girls U11C v Town Close: Won by 89 runs (FCPS 370 – 281 TC)
Girls U11D v Town Close: Won by 14 runs (FCPS 334-TC 320)

Girls U9A Orwell Park Tournament Winners:
Match 1 v Orwell Park Won by 25 runs (FCPS 150-125 OP)
Match 2 v New Hall Lost by 6 runs (FCPS 134- 140 NH)
Match 3 v Old Buckenham Hall Won by 38 runs (FCPS 159-121 OBH)
A. Laurie = Player of Tournament

Girls U9B v Orwell Park: Won by 2 runs (FCPS 146 – 144 OP)
Girls U9C  v Orwell Park: Lost by 42 runs ( FCPS 280 – 322 OP)

County Cup
Boys U12A v Woodbridge: Won by 7 Wickets (WS 124-4 FCPS 125-3) Nat Salsby 79* – Qualified for County Finals.

Boys 1st XI v RHS: Won by 10 wickets (RHS 174-FCPS 174-0) (R.Maile 64* , G.Jackson 72*, N.Bowden 3-26)
Boys 2nd XI  v RHS: Won by 1 Wicket (RHS 91-FCPS 92 for 9) (H. Moore 3-15, C. Hall 3 for 19)
Boys 3rd XI v RHS: Won by 61 runs (FCPS 197-6, RHS 136-6) (R. Ross 60, F. Bloore 50)
Boys 4th XI v RHS: Won by 100 runs (FCPS 173 – 73 RHS) (A. Swartz 53*, J. Laurie 30*, T. McDowell 26)
Boys 5th XI v Riddlesworth Hall 1sts Lost by 95 runs (RH 152-4 FCPS 57-6)

Boys U11A v LPatTH: (time match) Drawn LPatTH 151 for 6 FCS 50 for 9)
Boys U11B v LPatTH: Lost by 51 runs (FCPS 268-LPatTH 319)
Boys U11C v LPatTH: Lost by 2 runs (FCPS 287 – LP 291)

U9A Boys v Orwell Park: Lost by 92 runs
U9B Boys v Orwell Park: Lost by 77 runs (FCPS 285 -362 OP)
U9C Boys FCPS v Orwell Park: Lost by 6 runs ( FCPS 329- 335 OP)
U9D Boys FCPS v Orwell Park: Lost by 2 runs ( FCPS 279 – 281 OP)

More photos from the day’s action:



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