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Business and Economics Society Lecture

Monday 18 Nov 2019

By: Mike Milne, Head of Economics & Business

On Wednesday 13th November, the Business A level pupils were lucky enough to be treated to a fascinating evening delivered by two very experienced and successful businessmen.

Mr Bone was the first to speak and share his experiences in the logistics industry, pupils were able to apply the theories they have been studying on external influences and suppliers in a totally different context to classroom study and the talk opened a lot of eyes to the varying opportunities available to them when they leave school.

Next to talk was Mr Hicks, CEO of Kettle Foods.  The talk took us through the varied steps and choices Mr Hicks has taken since leaving school, working for Mars, Tesco and now Kettle Foods.

Pupils were inspired by the knowledge they gained and the talk certainly gave a lot of food for thought about steps they should now take to realise their own ambitions in the world of business.

A special thank you to both Mr Bone and Mr Hicks for a wonderful evening in their company.


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